Wrap Up – Steps To Get Your Web 2.0 Sites Done

  1. Finalize the list of sites where you want to create web 2.0
  2. Generate a list of random names related to your niche/ products following the method mentioned above
  3. Sign-Up and create account with available names from your pre-built list of sites
  4. Setup Blogging / Good looking theme on the sites
  5. Create Mandatory Pages (and Publish small contents on the pages. Don’t just keep them blank)
  6. Content Planning (According to your domain name)
  7. Write the contents / Outsource the contents
  8. Setup a content calendar for each web 2.0 sites
  9. Publish contents according to the schedule
  10. Check all the post, strong the internal linking structure and now give link to your money site
  11. Ping them and wait 2 week
  12. Check if the links are indexed (and take special initiative to index non-indexed links)



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