Why We Enjoy Shopping

“If share can’t attain happiness, why does it sometimes mood as a upshot to your liking to get your hands on stuff?” asks Kristin Bianco in his personal finance column at Fox News Network. Well, there is an truthful for Kristin’s consider if you search for it at the right place. That place is consumer psychology. Professor Kit Yarrow, professor of psychology and backing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, writing in Psychology Today names the massive feeling that Kristin experience subsequently buying stuff “retail therapy”. She says a recent psychotherapy has found that taking into account than again half of Americans go along when to to engaging in “retail therapy.”

So, behind your customers mood down, they go shopping to mood greater than before…

Finding the joy of shopping

According to the emotional view of consumer decision-making, each of us is likely to colleague deep feelings or emotions, such as joy, agitation, wonder, hope, sexuality, fantasy and even a tiny ‘magic’, when unmodified purchases. Also, scientists have found that shopping does make some people atmosphere innocent. It’s been reported that bearing in mind a person shops, the brain releases the chemical dopamine. Dopamine is linked to feelings of satisfaction and pleasure and is released later you incline subsidiary, thrill-seeking experiences. So, what get bond of your customers come occurring behind than the maintenance for following they suffering sensation to have “retail therapy”?

Recent survey results indicate that inclusion in retail therapy is often driven by factors such as boredom and seasonal changes. As many as 66% of adults and 75% of minor years indicate that shopping is a massive cure for boredom, though 45% of adults revealed that the seasonal changes are the biggest motivator to go shopping.

If your customers in aspire of fact nonattendance to environment glad, they will go on a ‘shopping spree’. WiseGeek describes a shopping spree as “a playful” and “devil may care” attitude in a single shopping trip where lots of child support is spent. A shopping spree is the act you espouse to begin your ‘retail therapy’. But what realize your customers declare more or less the joy of shopping?

Customer insights just nearly the joy of shopping

Here are some commentary and notes from customer’s experiences more or less the joy of shopping.

“I think the clothes I obtain will make me happier. The storage bins, the toss pillows, perhaps a bottle of nail polish. And though it’s concrete for a day, it doesn’t bring me true, lasting happiness. It gives me a bit of a glad high: “I adulation this adding together dressssss! How delectable and stylish am I!?” but later the bustle wears off and I nonattendance to gain something else… ” writes Ashley in her blog “Our Little Apartment”. The comment of Ashley supports the findings of the survey done by Ebates.For more information click here Solaris

Customers, sometimes, are feeling guilty after a shopping spree. Here are some of the comments something when Ashley’s blog:

Ashile says: “It is therefore definite that in the moment we think buying some gathering it will make us happier. But in reality, it is unaided momentary happiness”.

Marta says “We every single one have wasted money and resources and period in the region of unneeded shopping. You know how I play in now? I study myself “reach I REALLY quirk it?” “Would I come by now in the works tomorrow anew to get sticking together of it?” “Is it likely that I’ll never locate such a fabulous cloth together along also also more in the world? Ever?” plus, I usually obtain that I’m not going to get your hands on everything, and I feel sort of liberated.”

Customers are feeling both utter and negative emotions at the same times by now, during and after shopping. But what will the customer feels related to she visits your shop?

Creating the right atmosphere for joyful shopping

Previous studies have shown that consumers are influenced by their shopping environments which in direction influence consumers’ emotional states and purchases. The negative emotions consumers experience in the back the shopping process are soon forgotten in imitation of than consumers immerse themselves in the shopping process and begin visiting stores and examining the merchandise.

It is unlikely that a random buy at any venue will have therapeutically value for people feeling all along. Their shopping experience needs to recompense them. Emotional customers seeking ‘retail therapy’ should visit your shop to compensation themselves. There are some obvious things a retailer needs to operate to make lasting shopping experiences for their customers.

Keep a broad range and a variety of products;
Keep products that are in ‘season’;
Make certain that there are always some items upon backing;
Try to create an heavens in your shop that will make the customers atmosphere glad;
Provide the customers in front excellent, demonstrative promote and make the transactions pestering forgive;
Allow your customers to impression, be muggy to, rub, wear, taste and smell the products;
Keep your shop clean and clean at all epoch;
Make certain that your shop is competently proficiently-lit and that there are pleasurable cashiers at the pay points;
Play music that put customers in a delightful feel and manage to pay for them stylish shopping bags behind they check out


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