Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Work in Malaysia Compared to Philippines

here are the top ten reasons why it’s better to work in Malaysia compared to Philippines ūüėõ TAGEND

10. Different culture

Once you step foot on a foreign land, you’ll notice that everything you lay your eyes on vary between home. You may suddenly pay attention to the women wearing¬†Muslim¬†scarfs¬†known¬†as¬†hijab¬†.¬†Too, when you’re prowling the malls that you’re so to benefit from when “youre¬†in” Philippines, you’ll observe that there are¬†specific¬†prayer¬†areas¬†in¬†some storeys that they¬†announce¬†surau¬†,¬†which we are not acquainted since we¬†are belong¬†in a different culture.

Humans, in general, are puzzled beings and we as Filipinos, do not move away from that demeanor. We tend to be fascinated with these dissimilar positions including the merely variations in doctrine and celebrations. Moreover, as millenials, we embrace change so much better that we like living out-of-the-norm and share our experiences in social media.

As such, we abide to these ethnic criteria, respect them and if possible, meet-in-between since we have an obligation to go to Church every Sunday and spread the word of God. And what it is you do, believe me, they will respect what you believe as well.

9. More possibilities

Although Malaysia is a developing country like Philippines, working here opens the barrier to countless opportunities. In our different countries, it is evidently difficult to get a job even if you have the most impressive resume in city. Nonetheless, in Malaysia, you can get a call for an interview in an hour provided under you have the right skills and know that the foreign organization or headhunter needs.

If you have plans¬†for¬†furthering¬†your profession¬†( especially in IT or engineering battleground ), working in Malaysia is a improve on your hard-earned credential since HR often¬†makes¬†into account how you deal with your foreign superiors. It’s also a huge plus for presidential candidates to have its own experience of managing brilliant work relationships with foreign clients.

Also, if you have other life affair objectives¬†like¬†migrating¬†to first-world¬†countries¬†such¬†as Australia, Canada or New Zealand, managing the documents you need is relatively easier, faster and safer in Malaysia. Even though you need to go back home to gather articles for the tedious inventory of immigration requirements, still¬†its¬†better to’ just get it done’ in Malaysia because you have the leading edge, financially right?

8. Delicious cuisine

I’m turning 6 months now in Malaysia as of the time of writing and I have to say it out loud that Malaysian cuisine, in the most fundamental appreciation,¬†is¬†peerless¬†.¬†No question how I become “< em>¬†foodsick¬†“( no it’s not what you think- I make it as missing food back home) while living here, still every Malaysian recipe I try perfectly satiates my hunger and slakes my tummy albeit going to bathrooms( because I cannot direct some spicy meals ).

Due to the different cooking heritages and traditions from the three main ethnic groups in Malaysia- Malays, Chinese and Indians- Malaysian cuisine are so much imbued with various categories of spices that attains menus so much better than the ones at home. The favourite everyday menu you encounter here in Malaysia are Nasi Lemak , Mi Goreng , Rendang or Bak Kut Teh and some sizzling Teh Tarik on the side. Check travel agent malaysia

To top everything there is off, “theyre¬†all”¬†inexpensive¬†.¬†The Fried Nasi Lemak in the picture costs around RM 6.70. With a huge layer and lots of functions on the side, you cannot get this type of meat for P8 0 in the Philippines except if you live in the county field. Even with the¬†GST¬†( Goods and Work Tax) recently used this year, you can still eat on a budget by buying from soaking marketplaces and cooking it yourself. That room, you can eat at an even cheaper toll AND can cook Filipino menus the path you crave it.

7. Improved lifestyle

Once you arrive here in Malaysia, you’ll automatically be called a native¬†or¬†refugee¬†.¬†If your work does not have free adaptation, you’ll have no choice but to rent offices on condominiums or on landed estates. Oftentimes, rental charge at major positions like Kuala Lumpur and Selangor turns out to be higher than the usual.

However, home divisions in Malaysia are often equipped with aircon, automated rinse machines, fridges, ocean heater and introduction cookers which will chiefly reach their own lives a bit easier. If you are living in the Philippines with merely an electric fan and cold water, then your lifestyle in Malaysia would certainly get better.

If you choose your plaza right, you are able to have access to other locking lifestyles such as going to gyms, supermarket at plazas or perhaps swimming at condominium pools. Whatever your job is, I promise you, your life will be better, if not a bit then slightly more, but will still be better than it used to be back home, maybe with your parents.

6. Easy travel back to hometown

With the boom of low-priced airlines and the accessibility of Asian countries to the world, it has now been very easy to notebook tickets online and fly back home. Tourists and backpackers from all parts of the world easily fly back and forth everyday to Malaysia including our very own OFWs (< em> Overseas Filipino Workers ).

If an OFW grows so homesick that she wants to be with her daughter during the school apportioning formality or on her 7th birthday, she knows how really thump the keys on websites like AirAsia or CebuPacific, diary flights and board the plane on the travel time to see her kids. With flight discounts ongoing every month, she can definitely travel back home and still be in plan thus a win-win situation for every OFWs in Malaysia. Moreover, it’s less than four hours going back to¬†Philippines¬†so it’s not that much of a hassle.

However, if your work partially curbs you from leaving the country( maybe for domestic helpers ), you are able to contact them through social messaging apps like Whatsapp( very common in Malaysia) or Messenger and video call through Skype.

5. Tourist end

As Malaysia strives to live up to their tourism brand-¬†Malaysia Truly Asia¬†– and remain a strong challenger as Top 2 in the World Tourism Rankings on Asia’s top end, it has always been included on every¬†traveler’s¬†checklist of the most wanted¬†traveling¬†plazas. As a Filipino, can attest to the knockout of Malaysia and¬†its¬†awesome tourist attractions as I’ve seen it firsthand.

If you’re free on weekends, you can always travel to acclaimed tourist ends like Petronas Towers, Genting Highlands or the Petaling Street easily through qualifies and bus. You can also travel a bit farther to places like Melaka or Penang especially on long holidays since it’s surely a long drive from the city but I promise it’s definitely worth noting. You need not¬†to¬†croak¬†taxi¬†if you don’t know where they are located since you can fully navigate Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur, through web mapping services such as Google Maps.

On the other hand, if you are not sure this is right to return, you are able to browse TripAdvisor OR you are able to browse here at Roumery since I will be posting trip templates in Malaysia soon enough. Stay aria for more updates!

4. Low cost of living

Some economists use a more digestible exchange rate thought called the¬†Big Mac Index¬†to ratify a world rule in weighing Purchasing Power Parity. In layman’s call, it can be used to¬†gues, even though they are not accurately, the cost of living in a certain country. If¬†base¬†pace is USD, then Malaysia’s currency, the Ringgit, is undervalued at 63% per the mentioned index. Thus, it means that the Big Mac in McDonalds Malaysia is cheaper than most of the countries hence it has¬†low¬†cost of living.

However, you don’t need to consult an expert to asses the cost of living since we make love¬†ourselves¬†automatically¬†without¬†know¬†now¬†.¬†Often for¬†first¬†time OFWs, they ever alter Ringgit to Pesos each time they buy something and gather from their everyday groceries if Malaysia is generally cheaper than in¬†Philippines.

In my opinion, nutrient and transportation are customarily cheaper in Malaysia since petroleum is one of Malaysia’s ace placard¬†for¬†terms of economic¬†raise. Unit rentals are higher in urban areas but primarily normal on the outskirts of its most important municipals. In general, Malaysia still maintains a¬†low cost of living¬†( if outside Kuala Lumpur) is comparable to Philippines, or Singapore for that matter.

3. Faster internet

According to this chart, you’ll are of the view that in¬†year¬†2014, Malaysia has an Internet Speed Index of 5.5 Mbps while¬†Philippines¬†has only one Internet Speed Index of 3.6 Mbps. If you are a Filipino reader, you can agree and attest that this¬†isabsolutely¬†no truth to the¬†rumors¬†.¬†This is one of their reasons for I wreaked in Malaysia- because they have faster Internet than the Philippines.

I was in the Philippines¬†on¬†the year 2014. The average plan for a residence DSL( or WiMax) through any telco carrier¬†was¬†up¬†to¬†1-2¬†Mbps¬†as¬†advertised and it had been continuously not even gaining at least 500 Kbps download speed even at 2 pm after midnight( to which 100 Kbps is the usual ). Too they didn’t have¬†fiber¬†optic network until recently when PLDT Fibr has been introduced. The price arrayed from¬†P1000 to P1500¬†( RM 222 to RM 333) for this kind of schedule. As I’ve heard, brand-new strategies moving forward¬†previously¬†have¬†data¬†detonators¬†according¬†to the networks’ Fair Usage Policy.

Here in Malaysia, you are able to dictate for a¬†10¬†Mbps¬†schedule¬†that efficiently excess after midnight( around 20 Mbps) and is compatible in the morning. This is already attached to the Fiber Network laid out on the condominium( or on landed residence) and can wander exclusively from¬†RM 100 to RM¬†150¬†.¬†Furthermore, “its¬†by” unlimited¬†with¬†no¬†ceiling¬†and¬†can be unplugged( while there¬†have¬†been minimum 2 yrs attachment) once you’re leaving the country. If you’ll look at the analogy, Malaysia is still preceding the Internet race compared to the Philippines in this aspect.

2. Better transportation

If you have worked in Metro Manila like I did, opportunities are you’ve perhaps¬†travel¬†the MRT once, or everyday OR depending on where you’re coming you need to exchange from the LRT station firstly. There were countless legends in the Internet describing their misery on commuting through these sets¬†everyday. I would not describe it here anymore but let me tell you that it¬†is¬†very¬†stressful¬†,¬†time-consuming¬†and¬†unsafe¬†to¬†go to work by MRT everyday.

In Malaysia, the railway infrastructure contained in interconnected commuter rail service, mass rapid transit assistance, monorail service and airport runway tie-in work. Travelling through instruct¬†is¬†not¬†stressful¬†since¬†it’s easy to buy clues from ticketing machines instead of waiting for¬†long¬†queue,¬†not¬†time-consuming¬†since¬†civilizes arrive faster than you think¬†and¬†safe¬†since¬†there are stationed patrols on every teach waiting area and regionals are terribly penalty that stealing is seemingly nonexistent on train stations.

As one of my wise¬†peer¬†said,” A developed world is one in which rich person use modes of public transport “.

1. Higher salary

Undoubtedly, the top¬†reasonablenes¬†you may want to work abroad is and has always¬†been¬†fund¬†.¬†Even if you have the nine intellects above, if the salary discussed during the contract signing “isnt¬†what you” expected, then running abroad may not be possible.

Sometimes, if you are in a desperate situation, you’ll accept the job offering abroad regardless of the wage. On the other side, your work colleagues would often caution you that if you’ll take another job, your querying wage should sure be twice of what you’re having currently. However, for me, part of the reason I made the design abroad is¬†the¬†lower¬†income¬†levy¬†in¬†Malaysia( around 5 to 10% per month depending on the stipend) compared to Philippines( roughly 32% per month ). It likewise helps that when you tune in to Philippines information, you’ll see that there are often provides information on allegations of graft and corruption to your own legislators exerting the taxes that majority of the Filipinos pay.

But in all aspects, the salary was important to reach your apprehension since it’s the most important reason you want to work abroad right? As an IT consultant and with discussions from some of my Filipino colleagues here in Malaysia, the salary will always¬†be¬†higher¬†than¬†what the hell are you pay in the Philippines. Since the majority of members of us are contractual, it is true that agencies have salary guidelines depending on your work experience and¬†skillset. It’s also true-blue that some agencies sacrifice a higher salary than the usual but it typically falls down to your arbitration abilities although you can barter a bit more because of the unstable Malaysian money( there, I gave you one gratuity – good luck !)

These are the top reasonableness to consider when you want to work abroad in Malaysia. There is always a chore is asking for emigrants but recently there had been raids on illegal workers¬†so¬†please¬†be¬†careful¬†on¬†who or what authorities you trust to( especially those asking for sizable placement costs ). Nonetheless, there are news of¬†freeze hiring¬†for incoming foreign workers in Malaysia so if you’re ready then by all means lead apply and wreak abroad here in Malaysia. Mirth!


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