Penile Prosthesis

A penile prosthesis is a surgery that is often used to treat men with erectile dysfunction and in different forms of phalloplasty operations. It is also used as a penis elongation device for men suffering from Peyronie’s disease and patients that need genital modification. Though sometimes sought after as a normal form of penis elongation, this surgery is vastly different from other penile enlargements, such as extenders.

Penile enlargements of this type come in three forms: rigid, malleable and inflatable. The rigid structures offer permanent penis elongation that is supported by sturdy rods. Malleable constructs have flexible rods that require adjustment to acquire desired form. These penile enlargements also offer an innovative inflatable design. The device has two cylinders that hold a pump and reservoir. The pump forces fluid from the reservoir into the chambers and penis elongation occurs when the chambers are filled. When the deflation valve is pressed, the fluid returns back into the reservoir.


There is an overwhelming satisfactory response to penile prosthesis enlargements. Reports of mechanical failures are low and sexual effectiveness rates are high. In addition, most men who undergo the surgery report an overall emotional improvement. Malleable and inflatable penis elongation designs are easily concealed and inflation can be accomplished discretely.


All penile enlargements come with risks and prosthetics are no different. Disadvantages and risks include:

Inflation of the device may not be quick enough for some

Structures of the device can be felt in the scrotal area

Some forms of stimulation maybe painful

Penis may not appear completely flaccid

Penis may not be completely firm

Mechanical failure


Scar tissue formation

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