New Sky Productions

New Sky Productions is a video production company that focuses on telling stories through hand-crafted video and multimedia projects for businesses and nonprofit organizations. We take a meaningful, refined approach to the art of film production, and apply it to a commercial model. Through sincere storytelling and award-winning cinematography, we connect you with your audience on a personal level, and share your passion with the people you serve. We tell stories from coast to coast and all over the world. We tell stories that help people succeed.


Our company, New Sky Productions was founded in 2009. At the time, the two founders were living in a community center about two hours south of New Orleans where they were working on a documentary project. New Sky Productions was documentary film company started at the worst time in recent economic history. Our mission: To create documentary films that would serve mankind and bring attention to issues the world over. We wanted to change the world. What we soon realized is that the best thing we could do to help save the world was to help businesses rescue the economy by utilizing the unique storytelling tools that we possessed. It was then that the company you know as New Sky Productions was born.


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