Lawn Mower Go Kart – Can I Use a Transmission From a Garden Tractor on a Go Cart?

The burden connected to a vertical engine is routing the faculty from the engine to a horizontal wheels regarding the subject of the go kart. Typically the venerated method for transferring the carrying out regarding vehicles involves a gear crate. For example regarding a lawn tractor the gearbox is expected behind a pulley upon the peak of the gear crate. Additionally, because the main mean of a riding lawnmower is to clip grass, hence the vertical engine layout works enormously dexterously driving a mower deck.

The temptation comes in to accomplishment to use the gear crate in the gokart and save the unit available that showing off. Unfortunately, it is not in fact simpler, but more perplexing, not to reference undependable.

Additionally, I would strongly slant you away from using a riding lawnmower gearbox for the subsequent to reasons:

– Width Of The Rear Axel System Is Too Narrow
– Gear Boxes Are Not Designed For High Speed As In 20+ Mph.
– Gear Box Engagement Requires Belt Tensioning Devices.
– Switching Gears On The Fly Is Not Possible Without Good Engine/Gearbox Knowledge.

Width of the rear axel system is too narrow. The width of a gokart objective wheel layout should be relatively speaking broad: 36″+. Riding lawnmowers are out cold that width and will appendix a complexity in powering the rear wheels. Mounting the gearbox is another issue that requires special bracketry that would compulsion to be fabricated and mounted to the framework.  mounting gearbox

Gear boxes are not expected for high quickness as in 20+ mph. This is a great consideration, especially when gear boxes that realize not require lubrication and obtain not have roller bearings.

Gear Box Engagement requires adviser in crime tensioning devices. Typically, the gearbox is activated by tensioning the accomplice.

Switching gears upon the soar is not attainable without to your liking engine/gearbox knowledge. The gearbox upon a riding lawnmower does not have synchronizers bearing in mind it, suitably the gearbox must be enormously idle or still for the gears to be switched.

Actually, in order to profit gears to mesh properly, both the mating gears must produce an effect the same tilt. This can be skillful by manager the gears at the same eagerness, but this does understand some goodwill of how a gear bin operates. Unskilled drivers will have extreme inscrutability getting the gearbox to behave. More than likely, the gear bin will be destroyed in a relatively quick epoch of era, if varying is considered upon the soar.


Bottom origin is that the transaxle is expected for tractor use and has some limitations. There are some greater than before options that are lighter and more user by the side of.

Next era auxiliary vertical engine steer systems.

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