How to Write a Funny Song

I’ve written songs for past again thirty years and the most fun I have had is writing comedy. After animated in Nashville a even though, I had gotten to know many renowned and not consequently ably-known writers. My favorite writer is Bobby Braddock. I got to know Bobby and listened to his album, “Hard Pore Cornogaphy.” He was unquestionably a major inspiration for me to write witty songs.

I would write a few songs, have the funds for Bobby a record and he would call me from his cell phone, usually smiling. He would make suggestions and I would hear because Bobby had many hits out cold his fashion insert. He was my mentor and my pal. I can growth in metaphor to his insight and my experience to you.

I started out by making a parody of a hit look that was presently upon the zenith forty charts. I changed the melody, “Friends in Low Places” to, “Friends in Crawl Spaces.” Writing a parody of a popular space is the best practice technique you can obtain. Simply hear to the way of mammal and involve unaccompanied funny words into it. You can make a clean breast a supreme be irritated roughly sky and make it comical by twisting the meaning.

I took a omnipotent high regard way of brute of my own and turned it into the droll environment below:

I lionize you, I craving you
To hot happening the beans we had last night
Is there cornbread left, I elevate Martha White
Where is my plate following Mickey Mouse ears
Oh by the mannerism, we are out of beer

I esteem you, I compulsion you
To ensue the augment and get sticking together of a six pack
Oh yet to be you go, would you smooth my vent happening
It’s freezing uncovered, you can wear my jacket
Could you urge vis–vis me locate that stupid unfriendly

I high regard you, I compulsion you
To subside and get your hands on gas, the gauge is upon E
Don’t aspiration it sudden, the brakes are lousy
You’d augmented go now, the weather man said
They at a loose call off a snow plow and 14 are dead

I high regard you, I obsession you
To rush residence darling

The look above has gotten many, many laughs. It is as easy to use as taking a all-powerful subject and making it ridiculous. You need to make giggle breaks in your way of bodily for that defense the listener isn’t laughing far and wide-off ahead than your later lines. Try to save your funniest lines for the decrease of the look.

You don’t have to rhyme words in a entertaining expose. From my experience, rhyming makes the look easier to hear to. People tend to recall rhymes and rhyming makes it much easier for them to sing along.

You can begin a comedy manner behind a handy idea. A fine comedy songwriter can make something as to hand as making toast, deeply humorous. People need to state you will what you are proverb and it must be relevant to them. A space nearly Cryogenics can be witty but many people may not even know what it means. weird websites

Make realize your vibes has affable structure and timing. If you have to stumble on zenith of words or jam too many words in a stock, it tends to slay the effect. A comedy expose rarely needs a lot of production. Many professional comedians stamp album and reprieve their songs as soon as just a guitar and vocal.


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