Die casting or Aluminium Machining?

Whether you start out with a huge sheet of Aluminium die casting or a smaller piece, the process allows a CNC controlled milling machine to efficiently provide an alternative to the less accurate process of die casting manufacture.

When you die cast you are required to force high pressured molten metal into a mould. It is a longer and more expensive though, as you will require a different mould for different jobs, whilst CNC milling machines can be programmed for all sorts of different parts – and they will still be completely accurate.

When you’re working in a factory which produces the same parts all the time (hubcaps, for example), die casting manufacture can be cheaper as you won’t need to invest in the highly expensive , and you’ll be able to use the same moulds for a continuous period.

When you’re changing the parts produced on a day to day basis (when you’re producing parts for prototypes for example, rather than producing single products for a specific Aluminium die casting companies), Aluminium die casting  machining is a much more effective process, both in terms of time and financially.

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