Commitment to Consideration

At this stage, the customers are settling on the choice. In any case, they would still have queries or worries before making a purchase. This is the ideal time to address those concerns by targeting and influencing them through different channels like, Facebook, YouTube, Email and Google ads.

Advise customers to ask queries they may have about your product or service. Approach them for useful inputs on what they would want to see from your business. This is an ideal chance to open up a discussion with your shoppers on social platforms and let them realize that you really value them and their suggestions.

For example, if your product has been highlighted by any media publications, you can bring those to light. .. You can use immediate actions to pull them in like a free delivery of the product, or a time guarantee to the product, etc.

This is what is required in sales and if you’ve ever noticed the moves of some of the best sellers of big brands, you’ll see that they work intensely to get your sense of duty regarding something, regardless of whether it’s little initially.




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