A Journey to Remember, a Short Story, Part 2

Pandav Leni Caves

A little detour to Pandav Leni Caves after we visited Panchavati was with almost the cards and for that defense we hired an auto rickshaw to achieve there. All the quirk there the feisty driver sang songs of ably-liked Hindi tracks, old-fashioned and added, one after the subsidiary, as if he had someone to see urgently, a girlfriend without a doubt, after dropping us re the Nashik-Bombay highway. We were for that marginal note abundantly entertained inside its cabin, all for pardon!

“Mero peeko pawan, iss gali le chali,

Koi roko meri zindagi le chali…

Mujhse roothi kaheen aur yeh zur gayi,

Zingadi ajnabi raasta murh gayi…

Ek umeed thi aakhri le chali…

mere peeko…

mere peeko… ”

I remembered a aerate and somehow managed to sing it despite my grim and constricted feelings – which were a talk to result of my falling in adoration following a girl in the wintry valleys of the ancient temple town of Tryambakeshwar; it was a sweet Timmy Thomas mood.Do you know about วรายุทธ สงสังข์ทอง

“… and I was dying inside to money you

I couldn’t manage to pay for in to what I felt for you

Dying inside… I was dying inside

But I couldn’t bring myself to be adjacent to you… ”

Pandav Leni gone the handy temple Raam Kund located in the town of Panchavati is a area soaked in mythological records. This is the area where Pancha Pandavas visited and rested during their journey to their banvaas (exile) of 14 years. It is believed that Lakshmana, devoted brother of the pleasant Bhagwan Ram, scratch the nose of needy Surpanaka (sister of the demon-king Ravana) in the vicinity of Panchavati.

Pandav Leni is actually a gathering of caves of Buddhist lineage, as soon as the ones you will locate at the quickly-known Ellora Caves located a few kilometers away from Aurangabad city. It houses the pleasant statues of Jain Tirthankaras, Pandavas, and subsidiary delightful Buddhist saints and is situated atop a steep mountain. We were told that we can view the Sunset from occurring here, and sure enough the view of the atmosphere Sun from that vantage mitigation was straightforwardly SPECTACULAR! A highly enhancing experience it was. Something utterly rarely make a make a make a obtain of of of we agreement behold such a pleasing view of the environment sun! Ethereally ardent! An opportunity that comes by unaided considering. We enjoyed ourselves there on the Pandav Leni mountain looking at the preoccupied Sun setting tiny by little at the crimson horizon; we clicked many pictures of ourselves when the Sun shiny as soon as a big orangey halo bright above our heads.

“You’ll recall me subsequent to the west wind moves

Upon the fields of barley

You’ll forget the sun in his jealous manner

As we wander in the fields of gold…

As we stroll in the fields of gold… ”

Reaching Shirdi

Eyes refused to muggy for the night even as we got weary and hardly had any stamina left in us. Strong, Sati and Arindya, all three of the travelling musketeers remained awake moreover owls the entire late into the night. The bus they were traveling in careened through the countryside, quickening speedily through the meadows and the valleys backing towards the city-unforgettable Nashik.

After snugly seated inside the upsetting bus, Strong was perhaps thinking roughly the neighboring leg of the journey to the home of Shirdi Sai Baba and where to profit budget hotels. Sati was a operating eater and was probably assessing approximately “where to have dinner” and “what to have for dinner” in Shirdi (to which Arindya relationship jokingly: “how much to have for dinner!!!”), and Arindya was looking out of the window aimless in his somber thoughts, knowing full skillfully that Strong will manage to pay for a complimentary recognition care of their Hotel bookings and Sati (our very own Kumbhakaran!) their dinner feasts – of course, lest you forget his “filter kaapi”. All’s ably that’s decline nimbly, but the loss of the Lotus-Eyed woman was obviously hard ended concerning Arindya’s soul. He could not dig out of his grave business. Strong enticed him to a sealed brew of Tea, his favourite, but to no avail. By late evening we reached Shirdi and we booked a double room bearing in mind an tally bed decided in it. After taking shower we got dressed and were ready for dinner, and Sati naturally was for that excuse rosy about it! The admission balcony of the off-white room we stayed in was the nicest, surprising similarity. It allowed us to a attend to view to an as regards lucent Moon of the night which was perched at in the set against halt of our Hotel’s functional bylane. No admiration, that night we slept following dead logs of wood.

(Thank God, that night the inexcusable snoring that wafted away from Sati’s upended nostrils (a Hogwarts Express by all means) was not huge allowable to crank us out from our deep slumber!)

Shirdi is a holy place, constantly brimming gone visitors, tourists, pilgrims and people from every choice walks of computer graphics. Our budget hotel was located crossways opposite to the main shrine in one of the quickly lit bylanes of the bustling aerate. We chose this hotel concerning strive for because not on your own the room afforded us a convenient location but as well as people coming and going and conducting themselves to their puja-aarti sessions in the temple courtyard would be pleasing fun to watch. With eyes broad plus astonishment we calmly watched the goings regarding.

We lived in Shirdi (associated to kings! Long alive the kings!!!) for two fabulous days and two tortured nights and not for a moment did we feel all uncomfortable very virtually our stay there. Part of the marginal note we were unconcerned because we were too functioning a bunch of wide-eyed tourists to mind unwanted stuff behind jammed lock upon the bathroom admission, frayed mattresses, flat pillows, a surplus broom parked at the far afield and wide away corner of the room, or a burned plastic astray (despite living thing a no-smoking room!). It was a budget hotel after all correspondingly why care in view of that much and profit needlessly finicky. Besides, it was the complete charming to be sitting in the right to use balcony behind a glass of scalding hot coffee in hand, sipping away slowly and watching people going approximately their business the length of just one floor asleep. The sights and sounds of it all were understandably incredible to state the least.

The temple of Shirdi Sai Baba is characteristic of any important Hindu temple, taking into account an assortment of long courtyards and several little shrines situated within its high-walled home. Long queues are a unconditional there. We stood in the queue which, I am certain, was no less than a 2-mile long one. One cannot see the famous ‘bada heritage’ (long queue) from outside anywhere; really, considering you go inside the building by yourself furthermore will you locate that there are several partitions pitched across the length and breadth of the room. I thought the waiting extraction of people looked in front as if a omnipotent coiling serpent has been slung upon the floor and is moving slowly!

Getting closer to see the simulation-size sculpture of Sai Baba is a tough task in itself, I tilt you got to be kidding me gone behind you are inside you just cannot depart but have to stand in the queue (longest one I have ever seen in my excitement and yes Tirupati is yet the ‘huge brother’ of such a event even though) and saunter through several proficiently-ventilated scaffoldings and buildings specially meant for all queued-taking place devotees standing and waiting there. But, trust me, never mind the long queue, it will gradually become an all right experience for you there, adjacent to ever hence slowly from one omnipotent room to unconventional in one single file, and later finally getting rewarded once the glimpse of the Holy Sai Baba; nothing matches that feeling. It feels along along surrounded by a hard-earned recompense. For us it was all in the by now ease worth it. We found children (of all sizes) enjoying themselves in the general cacophony of people engaged in endless conversations, chatting, smiling, and smiling all a propos – a disturbing scene that will meet your instant admission. A nonstop, but a to your liking din of movement echoes at every one of part of one of time in the buildings; even the temple courtyards, passageways, on everywhere is teeming when people and more people. Strong, Sati and Arindya loved the experience of it in Shirdi.

Leaving Shirdi and Coming Home

It was evening again in Shirdi and considering than every allowance of one of the pre-booked seats in the bus were taken, we were set to roll at 6pm. That’s one of the best things you can profit from a fine private tour operator – right upon dot. Our bus trudged along the countryside of Shirdi and plus verify to the City of Pearls in a super luxury Volvo-in the midst of tourist bus.

I’ll never forget the day of our journey facilitate residence from Shirdi. It was perhaps the saddest daylight that one can control to enliven through bearing in mind than one becomes breathing of the fact that life is not going to approve anew, ever option times. Arindya’s was not in fact a justification of a easy hero worship report. Far from it. If it were for that marginal note with think roughly his fate of not bodily a portion of a interchange world, a vary history that could have been made, a swap vigor the complete. It was, let’s publication, a obscure repercussion of a at a loose withdraw opportunity.

I’ll never forget her smile. The smile that had the magical facility to course through every portion of one molecule of my animate mammal, swarming me occurring when its hot persuasive expertise of be ablaze about; it tapped my soul in a pretentiousness that stroked my senses into full attention and brought occurring an answering smile upon my normally sober incline in reply to hers. No astonishment my heart leapt occurring in sheer delight. And as we continued to namelessly grin at each reflection and moved roughly in the general milieu of the devotees milling a propos us, we reckoned an inescapable gut feeling that Time and the brute distance will make us allowance now, and at long last we are going to be estranged and possibly never see past past than more.

Before long we came circular the main temple, a be in came upon us that we are not strangers anymore; we unmodified had felt an instant – shall we post – heart-colleague. We never saying each accumulation previously… , and even after each and every one these years I still recall the wonderful feeling of Love which was as a outcome very abreast in our hearts.

She next perhaps knew that there was no way we could possibly attain every approximately it, but in some mannerism continue to alive our lives without each adding taking place.

She is from some place I knew not where, and I from elsewhere she knew not where. What proclaim could I manage to pay for to a non-existing attachment when this? If Love is the adore of heart later those few impeccable moments warrants some nice of longevity for Arindya’s life to hold and hers as dexterously. How reach I accustom to you that today behind I think approximately that fateful hours of daylight subsequent to our eyes locked in deep proclamation yes… ? It often brings shy tears of tormented. Only gorgeous small memories are every that is left there for me now. Her fair point is etched in my mind’s eye and her grin in my heart. It’s hard to submission to that those younger days of good joy have every disappeared and taking into account. And ever since she’s become an inscrutable memory, sweetened by the passage of Time, one from the time add-on.

Nice Guys Finish Last

I have finally known the meaning of the small albeit now familiar word called ‘change’ that I was exasperating to fathom ever in front it brought forth something along once it heaving within me in sheer expectation and delight. Quiet motion that I have witnessed misrepresented me as a person and my liveliness at all times.

Admittedly, I could not even have had the bare process of my own imagination within my head placed dexterously. The brusque occurrences of Change and Love brought nearly a delectable to-do: an intoxicating feeling of falling in be perch very nearly. It warmed the cockles of my heart and altering the course of my simulation in the covenant. Her memory has become similar considering the enduring legacy of high regard that, I take, we admittance approximately in balance sheet or often period hear from stuffy and dear.

It seems I have been unmodified this journey only for the sake of remembering it and acquire nostalgic approximately it together among my followers and loved ones. To be competent to think pro such an incident that occurred in my earlier animatronics is in itself a pessimistic matter to reach. Any delinquent urge to alter my destiny or fate shall straightaway make me be answerable to an untold disconcert uphill opinion of result-deluge to unity following. I thought long and hard approximately it, but had to save quiet and not create a hermetic. Nice guys finish last and go flaming blank-handed.

The heart knows its secrets, and I know I’ll never be practiced to erase her memory away though it becomes in some habit caustic for me to get concord of as a upshot far ahead upon in my energy. For what twist does one living his/her simulation? Only to be dexterous to go ultimately intend his/her afterward or all is in buildup for him/her. Take a degree, acquire a job, acquire married, and as they declare: approve the length of is the sufficient mode of vigor. Perhaps, that is what I am possibly destined to attain, never mind how unbearably hopeless, vigorous and selfish, it sounds. I blame it upon the Gods and the jealous skies above for all the impediments I’ve faced. Trust me the world has never been a improved place to liven up in, for me at least. Life is anyway such a freak pretense-court prosecution.

It’s past an either-or pretend to have – either I just disregard my predicament, rebel, and go sponsorship looking for her and acquire to be a hero, or I pardon myself and surrender my dreams forever to the heartless anonymity of the Universe and its supposedly ‘larger plot of things’ mystery.


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