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There is not much spark in life if you have not got a secret. Hey, what about that secret girlfriend you haven’t still told your parents about?

Want to send out a mail to that secret girlfriend without your parents knowing?

Any worthy teenager would jump for this titillating idea. Not just for secret girlfriends, it also helps if you want to keep the identity of the receiver classified for in certain situations. To that end, they should consider themselves lucky as Yahoo! Mail itself provides users with the tools to send out secret messages. What is even luckier is that it is astounding how easy this process is.

Yahoo Technical Support Australia Presents To You Ways To Send A Mail To Undisclosed Recipients

Before going into this whole shebang you must be wondering, what other use is there other than your recipients to be secret. You would be surprised to know how much of this utility has helped the business world today. With undisclosed recipients featureyou would be able to hide the identities of the recipients using a simple address book.

Steps To Send An Email To Secret Recipients Through Yahoo! Mail

  1. The entire process entails two sets of procedures; the first one being is to create an address book entry to address “undisclosed recipients with ease.
  2.  First, you must select your Yahoo! Mail contacts. Do this by selecting contacts in the        Yahoo! Mail’ folder titled List.
  3.  Click on “Add contacts” to initialize the creation of the address book. 
  4.  Under first, type in undisclosed.
  5.  Under the tab called last, type in recipients.
  6. Finally, input your Yahoo! Mail address to proceed with saving this address book. 
  7.  Click on Save to save the changes and your address book is now created

Note: Once you have created the address book, your next step is to send the email message to the titular “hidden recipients

  1.  Use the Yahoo! Mail exclusive shortcut “N” to initiate with a new message.
  2.  In the recipient’s column “To” type in “undisclosed”. You would encounter an auto complete list that says “undisclosed recipients”.
  3. For multiple email receiver, click on the button right beside the “To” option. This button is “show BCC”
  4. Enter the name of all of your desired recipients of your email under Bcc. The better way to do this is to use Address book group. Once you have selected all of the requisite recipients,
  5. Compose your message and click on send.

Once you have sent out the message, in the “sent” section of your inbox, instead of the names you would see “undisclosed” written there. This nifty little two step process would help you in planning surprise parties for your friend as well.

If you want to know more about this, contact Yahoo Support Australia number 1-800-958-231 If you contact this number, the technicians would guide you through a lot more processes than just the mentioned. Yahoo! Mail holds a lot more secrets than you realize, it is better for you to grasp them all. 

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