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If you need to get from Aintree to Kempton Park for the next race you need to transport your horse in the most comfortable and safe manner possible. Race horses are prize winning animals that need to be taken care of extremely well. Transporting them across long distances can be stressful, so you need to find the right horse transporters to ensure that your horse travels with ease.

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The best way to transport a horse would be by road and this can be done using a well designed horsebox. Horseboxes are trailers that can hold anywhere between 2 and 10 horses. Different horseboxes have different capacities and facilities for the horses and people.


When choosing horse transporters you must make sure that the amenities and features are user friendly and allow the horse to travel comfortably. Pick horseboxes or horsebox lorries, as they are called, that have a tail ramp. This helps the horses enter and exit the horsebox with ease.


Security is of utmost importance when transporting derby horses or even your pet horses for that matter. Therefore always find out more about the locking systems and security of the horsebox.


CCTV is useful facility in the horsebox. This helps owners keep a watch on the horses in the trailer. There are horseboxes with that come with this facility installed or you can have it installed.


A good horsebox should have strong and durable frame and heavy-duty, cushioning rubber mats throughout the horse area. They must be well insulated and have facilities to tie hay net rings. Cleanliness of the horse area is very important therefore the horsebox must be easy to clean and must have drainage points.


The standard horsebox lorries come with the necessary amenities and standard living spaces. You can opt for luxury lorries too that have flat screen televisions, CCTV, rug racks in the horsebox, sky, pop out side, leather seating, cab seats to match, granite tops in living and bathroom, real enamel toilet and sink and more features that can make your journey more enjoyable. Several horsebox manufacturers build bespoke horseboxes and trailers for their client. All necessary requirements requested by clients can be incorporated in the horsebox.


The cost of fuel is one of the main areas of concern for most people. Whether it is a four-wheel drive towing the extra weight of a loaded float, or a horse truck that is being filled, fuel is going to cost more than the average run-around car. There are a number of things that can be done to reduce the use of fuel. Firstly, pay attention to speed. Drivers of horse floats and trucks should not be going quickly anyway, as it can be uncomfortable for the equines inside, and dangerously reduces stopping distances. On top of the safety aspects though, going even slightly slower than normal will reduce fuel consumption quite substantially. A steadier approach to driving will also reduce the need for late braking and quick acceleration in the face of hazards. A slower driver has more time to react to dangerous situations and can slow down in plenty of time, cutting fuel consumption.

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